The Samsung 86" UHD TV That Only Sam's Club Members Can Get For 50% Off

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It's no secret that the members-only wholesale retailer Sam's Club offers some really great deals on a wide variety of products. A quick walk around one of the warehouses is all it takes to see some items that are marked down anywhere from a few bucks to hundreds of dollars. So, as you might imagine, some sales can be much more enticing than others. In fact, some of them are so good that the savings they offer more than cover the $50 cost of membership — especially when you start looking at expensive tech.

Big, ultra-high-resolution televisions are a prime example of this. These monstrosities can cost a pretty penny if you buy them at full MSRP, so it's always good to try and find one on sale. Recently, several Sam's Club members have spotted a Samsung 86-inch Crystal UHD TV on sale for $799. This is just about half of its retail price in regular Walmart stores. Here's a bit about the TV itself and what Sam's Club shoppers have had to say about the sale.

About the Samsung 86-inch Crystal UHD TV TU9010

Before diving into the details of the sale, let's first take a look at the TV itself. Samsung is often considered one of the best smart TV manufacturers on the market and is the top-ranked TV brand when it comes to customer satisfaction. The 86-inch Class Crystal UHD TU9010 was first introduced in 2021, so it's definitely not going to be one of the highest-rated Samsung TVs you can find in 2024. This makes sense since the overstocked products on Sam's Club shelves are rarely among the newest items on the market, but 2021 is recent enough that this TV should still have plenty of modern, optimizable features and technologies baked in.

It's powered by a Crystal Processor that purportedly works in tandem with Samsung's Crystal Displays. Together, these technologies utilize something called "phosphor technology" to enhance color and 4K upscaling to enhance resolution. The TU9010 has Amazon Alexa smart technology built-in, and it is compatible with several other voice-controlled virtual assistants. This TV also has a feature called Real Game Enhancer + which is designed to make gaming more enjoyable. It automatically upgrades visibility in dark scenes, ups the frame rate for motion clarity, and synchronizes sound. PC gamers with AMD GPUs who connect their rig to this TV will benefit from reduced tearing and stuttering thanks to AMD FreeSync.

Reports from Sam's Club members

Several Sam's Club members have been talking about this deal, trying to figure out just how good of a value it really is. One commenter on SlickDeals stated, "Was in Sam's Club and found 4 new Samsung TU9010 86" TV for $799 [clearance] price. Tag had $994 for original price. Seemed like a good deal; thoughts? YMMV and in store only." This might initially seem like the TV is only marked down a couple of hundred dollars. But in spite of what the tag claimed, other retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy, and the Samsung website itself all still have the TV listed much closer to its original $1,599.99 MSRP. This means that the deal that they mentioned is actually about 50% off of the going rate.

That said, the Sam's Club digital marketplace doesn't seem to have the TU9010 model in stock. So it appears that the SlickDeals posters were correct in their assessment that this deal is in-store only. Several other commenters mentioned that their local stores each only seemed to have four or five of the TVs on the floor, so there also seems to be a very limited supply. It seems that the only way to take advantage of this deal is to visit or call your local Sam's Club warehouse and cross your fingers that they have one in stock.