6 Of The Best Luggage Trackers For Android Users

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The aerospace industry, like so many others, has taken advantage of recent advances in technology, with engineers developing futuristic designs like wingless jets and electric planes. And yet, airliners still keep managing to lose our luggage! It's a frustrating experience that many of us have suffered. One lifehack that many people have discovered is to keep an AirTag somewhere inside their luggage. The popular Apple product uses Bluetooth technology that allows you to easily locate it when it's in range of another iPhone — which it often is. While the compact size and lightweight feel to the AirTag has made it a popular choice to keep track of smaller items like keys or wallets, there's no reason why it can't be used for luggage, allowing you to keep tabs on where your possessions are as you travel, as well as easily locate them in the unfortunate event that they are misplaced.

One problem with the AirTag, of course, is that it primarily only works with iPhones, and isn't an option for the many millions of Android users who would also like to keep track of their keys, wallets, and, yes — luggage. Fortunately for them, there are several alternatives to the AirTag that can be used for such a purpose. Here are six of the best luggage trackers for Android users, based mostly on hands-on testing by reputable publications known for their tech reviews. More information on how these items were evaluated can be found at the end of this list.

Tile Pro

Tile made a name for itself with Bluetooth trackers before Apple debuted the AirTags. While Apple has since attracted many of its former users, Tile continues to innovate and has released one of the best luggage trackers Android users could ask for — the Tile Pro. When it was first released, it doubled the range and volume of standard Bluetooth trackers, with its loud alarm especially useful if you're in the same room or terminal as your luggage but can't locate it. This loud alarm is still present in the new model, and one of the reasons People named the Tile Pro one of the best luggage trackers of 2024 after testing the product.

It has a range of up to 400 feet and its battery can last around a year and is easy to replace. Other useful features include an integrated keyring hole and compatibility with voice assistants like Alexa and Hey Google. It's also water-resistant up to three feet, in the unfortunate event that your luggage ends up submerged or caught in heavy rain. One annoying drawback to the Tile Pro is that you'll need to pay for a subscription to access all of its features; however, it will still do basic tracking for free, as well as include a 24-hour tracking history. Amazon is currently selling the Tile Pro for $34.99.

Galaxy SmartTag2

One of the most popular Android phones around is the Samsung Galaxy, so it should be no surprise that Samsung's Galaxy SmartTag2 happens to be one of the best Bluetooth trackers for Android users. There are many ways to use the Galaxy SmartTag2, including tracking your luggage. It's compatible with major IoT devices and can stay charged for up to 500 days — or even longer when in Power Saving Mode. The tracker is also durable and IP67-rated for water and dust resistance. Despite being made by Samsung for Android users, if you lose your luggage and set the tracker to Lost Mode, it can display your registered contact information to iPhone users who may find your lost items.

Unlike the AirTag, it's designed with a large integrated hole that allows you to attach it to keyrings, zippers, or other locations without needing to buy an additional case. It also has a physical button; however, according to Travel + Leisure, which tested the product and named it one of the four best luggage trackers of 2024, this button is overly sensitive and easily triggered by accident, causing unwanted and annoying alarms. The Galaxy SmartTag2 comes in black or white and is available from Amazon for $22.13.

Tracki GPS

Bluetooth trackers are only as good as the network of compatible users they're in range of, but a GPS tracker can use satellites and be located nearly anywhere in the world. Even if you lose your luggage in the middle of nowhere, you can use a GPS tracker — such as the Tracki GPS — to help find it. Despite using GPS technology, it's very affordable, though you'll need to pay a monthly subscription fee of at least $9.95 per month. It can keep your location history for up to five years in case you need it, and it also includes WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities for more local, indoor tracking. The dedicated app is compatible with not just Android, but also iOS, web browsers, and Alexa, and it's very simple to use.

A potential downside to the Tracki GPS is its relatively short battery life when compared to Bluetooth trackers like the Tile Pro and AirTag. While it can last several months in battery save mode, or three months when giving off a signal once a day, if you're planning to use it for real-time tracking while traveling, it will only last two to three days before its battery will need to be replaced. However, those who have used it don't seem to mind, as the Tracki GPS has a positive 4.1 out of 5 average customer score on Amazon, based on over 46,000 reviews. It has a list price of $18.88, but Amazon is currently selling the Tracki GPS for just $12.83, making it one of the most affordable luggage trackers on the market. Not only that, but a belt clip, magnet, key ring, and lanyard are all included for easy attachment options.

Chipolo ONE

Named as the top pick in GearLab's list of the best Bluetooth trackers for 2024, the Chipolo ONE is a solid option if you've got a device that's running Android 7 or later. After testing the product, the publication praised its phone finder button, as well as the useful ability to share its location with other devices. Like many other Bluetooth trackers, it has a hole for easy attachment to zippers, keychains, and the like, as well as the ability to show you its last known location.

The Chipolo ONE also has some fun features to help differentiate it from the competition. It comes in different colorful hues, including blue, red, yellow, and green — in addition to black or white — which is great if you like your accessories to match your luggage. Plus, interestingly, the tracker also allows you to use it as a remote for your smartphone camera.

Perhaps the biggest drawback to the Chipolo ONE, when compared to popular Bluetooth trackers like the Tile Pro or the AirTag, is that its network of users is much smaller, which means it's less likely your luggage will be in range of a Chipolo user when it's lost. The higher end Chipolo ONE Spot can use Apple's Find My network, but this feature is not available for the basic model. If that's not a dealbreaker, you can purchase the Chipolo ONE from Amazon for $25.

Tile Mate

Tile offers more than one Bluetooth tracker, and in addition to its popular Tile Pro, Android users can opt for the Tile Mate, which is very similar, but with a few key differences. The alarm of the Tile Mate is not as loud as the Tile Pro, and it doesn't have as far a range when it comes to its local Bluetooth tracking. However, it's more affordable, and — unlike the Tile Pro — comes in various colors in the event that you'd like to add some flair to your travel gear. These colors include black, blue, sand, white, gray, and green, as well as multicolored options with neat designs like Specter, Prism, and Midnight Deco.

While not as premium as the Tile Pro, the Tile Mate nonetheless topped Wirecutter's list of the best Bluetooth trackers for 2024. Like the Tile Pro, it's water-resistant and works with both Android and iOS, as well as voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Hey Google. Unlike the Tile Pro, its battery is not replaceable. Tile says it will last you up to three years before you'll need a new tracker, and you can supposedly recycle 99% of your old ones — just not the battery.

If you're looking for more advanced features and a stronger Bluetooth range, then you'll probably want to opt for the Tile Pro. If those features aren't that important to you and you'd like to save a few bucks, the Tile Mate will still get the job done when it comes time to find your luggage. It's available for $24.88 from Amazon.

Cube GPS Tracker

If you're an Android user who doesn't want to take any chances with losing your luggage, you can opt for the Cube GPS Tracker, which uses cellular networks instead of a Bluetooth network that relies on other users being in range of your lost items. Lifewire named the Cube GPS Tracker one of the best key finders of 2024, and it works just as well with luggage or other items.

This gadget will keep a location history of your tagged items. You can also conveniently share its location across multiple accounts, allowing relatives and friends to track it as well. One nice feature is that you can set geo-fencing zones that will alert you when the tracker departs the perimeter — such as your hotel room. There's also a programmable physical button included that you can use to send custom messages to friends and family if you choose one, two, or three presses on the button. 

However, the Cube GPS Tracker is one of the more expensive luggage trackers on the market. You'll need to pay a monthly subscription, and the device itself is $95 on Amazon, which is about as much as four other trackers like the Tile Mate. However, it will do a great job tracking your luggage — even without Bluetooth — if you're willing to spend the extra money.

How these luggage trackers were selected

In order to ensure that the luggage trackers recommended in this list are reliable and work as advertised, the hands-on reviews of several reputable publications were referenced. Some of these publications are known for their informed tech reviews, while others focus more on lifestyle and travel, making it a perfect combination of expertise for luggage trackers. All of the positive reviews were made after these publications tested multiple similar devices and compared and contrasted them. These reputable publications include GearLab, People, Lifewire, Travel + Leisure, and The New York Times' Wirecutter.

These expert reviews were consulted for five of the six recommended products on this list. For the sixth — the Tracki GPS — the reviews of Amazon customers who've bought and used the product were referenced. Its positive 4.1 out of 5 customer score was averaged from over 46,200 user ratings. Between these thousands of Amazon customers and the hands-on reviews of reputable publications, you can be confident that the recommended products in this list are indeed some of the best luggage trackers available for Android users.