Here's How Much Horsepower An Aprilia Tuono V4 Motorcycle Has (And Its Top Speed)

While Aprilia might not be as well known as a name like Harley-Davidson, it's still known as one of the major motorcycle brands. The Tuono V4 is one of the fastest motorcycles from the brand, with the Factory version of the bike topping out at around 175 mph. You don't have to shell out the big bucks to reach those speeds, as the cheaper base model has the same engine, chassis, and weight as its Factory counterpart, so the top speed should be about the same. A YouTube video shows the base Tuono V4 1100 hitting 177 mph with the help of a small incline.

The motorcycle's 1077cc engine can produce 175 hp at 11,350 rpm, so it's a powerful bike no matter what way you slice it — although it's still not among the fastest motorcycles ever built. While it's speedy, you'll need access to a track to hit those speeds, as they're far above the speed limit on public roads in the U.S. Another barrier to overcome is the price, as this isn't a cheap bike — although the title of the most expensive Aprilia bike goes to the RSV4 Factory 1100.

How much does a Tuono V4 1100 cost?

The two Tuono V4 motorcycles are largely the same, but one prioritizes comfort while the other focuses on the track. The cheaper of the pair is the base Tuono V4 1100 with an MSRP of $16,199, while the more expensive Factory version will cost you $19,599. The Factory model is better suited for the race track thanks to minor changes like the electronic suspension that automatically adapts to differing conditions like braking hard or making sharp turns.

RevZilla's first ride of the two 2021 models of the bikes notes the base model is the more comfortable of the two, so if that's what you value in your ride, it's the easy pick. Despite having the same weight and seat height, comfort comes in the form of small adjustments like taller handlebars, a taller windscreen, and a comfortable passenger seat.

Tuono promises both options are fast, but the base model is the best pick for both short trips and long rides. Keep in mind that both bikes can be used for trips, but if you don't plan on hitting a track, you can save yourself a few thousand dollars and get something that's close enough in performance that the average rider might not even notice what's missing. It's also the better pick if you ever plan on taking a passenger along for the ride.