How Many Aircraft Are On The USS Eisenhower & How Long Has It Been In Service?

In early June, news spread that the U.S. Navy's USS Dwight D. Eisenhower had been hit by a missile strike launched by Houthi rebels — a militant group based in Yemen. According to statements from Houthi leaders and footage that has been circulating online and via social media, the supposed attack involved winged and ballistic missiles.

However, there is no evidence that the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower was struck at all. The images and videos that have been shared to support these claims are either misleading or completely fabricated.

This online disinformation campaign, harmful as it might have been, has reignited interest in the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower. How long has the aircraft carrier been in service? How does it compare to other aircraft carriers? Has it suffered any notable attacks over the years? How many aircraft are on the USS Eisenhower? What is its current location? Here's what you need to know.

A brief history of the Eisenhower aircraft carrier

Named after the 34th president of the United States, Dwight David Eisenhower, the CVN-69 aircraft carrier was commissioned in October 1977.

After undergoing a year of training with the U.S. Atlantic Fleet, the Eisenhower deployed to the Indian Ocean in response to the Iran hostage crisis. Then in the 1980s, the Eisenhower aircraft carrier was deployed to the Mediterranean, and underwent an overhaul.

In September 1991, the Eisenhower was deployed to the Persian Gulf to participate in Operation Desert Storm. In February 2000, as part of the "Millennium Cruise," the Eisenhower aircraft carrier helped enforce a no-fly zone over Iraq. A decade later, it was deployed in the Middle East.

The Eisenhower is slated to be replaced around 2029 by the new USS Enterprise (CVN-80). As of June 2024, the ship is operating in the Red Sea, according to the U.S. Naval Institute

How many aircraft are on the USS Eisenhower?

The Eisenhower is a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, which are the largest warships in the world. They are designed for 50 years of service life, critical to maritime security, and act as a powerful enemy deterrent. They have also proven useful in humanitarian assistance and disaster response operations.

So, how many aircraft are on the Eisenhower aircraft carrier? This information is not publicly available for security reasons. However, it is know that Nimitz carriers typically carried between 85 and 90 aircraft during the Cold War. As the Eisenhower is a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, it can fit up to 90 aircraft, including attack bombers and anti-submarine planes.

The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower has definitely proven its worth over the decades, but naval warfare is evolving. The next generation of aircraft carriers, the Gerald R. Ford-class, will feature new technologies, such as Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch Systems, and Advanced Arresting Gear and Advanced Weapons Elevators.